'Gender diverse' classification to be used in NZ

24 August 2015
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'Gender diverse' classification to be used in NZ

A new gender classification for people who don't see themselves as just male or female has been developed and New Zealand will be the first to adopt it.

"Gender diverse" will now join the "male" and "female" categories when Statistics New Zealand collects data on Kiwis' gender.

It will also be used by government organisations. But is still being decided how it will be implemented and used across information collection.

Statistics NZ's classifications manager Jo-anne Allan said the new standard is the first in the world for gender identity information.

"The term gender diverse is fairly new but we believe that over time it will be widely used and accepted. We recommend this term for official statistical use," Ms Allan said.

"It's a complex issue as gender identity is about how a person feels and experiences their gender, which can change over their lifetime. We've worked with a wide range of government and community groups to finalise this standard and the terminology.

"We believe the gender diverse population see it as a step towards being seen, counted, and understood. The standard expands gender identity categories beyond the current female/male boundaries."

The Statistical Standard for Gender Identity was developed through consultation with groups representing people with different gender identities and with government organisations.

Ms Allan said gender information was personal and should only be collected when there was a good reason to do so.

Source: http://m.nzherald.co.nz/lifestyle/news/article.cfm?c_id=6&objectid=11482661

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