Value for Money review of Sexual and Reproductive Health Services

20 October 2015
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The Ministry of Health commissioned KPMG, supported by the University of Otago, to undertake a time limited Value for Money (VfM) review of those Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) services of New Zealand that are funded, or part funded by the Ministry and DHBs.

The specific objectives set by the Ministry were to:

  • Gather baseline information on the current funding and delivery of SRH services funded by the Ministry and DHBs
  • Examine the VfM and sustainability of SRH services
  • Review current evidence, including SRH outcomes data, performance measures and best practice models with international comparators
  • Consider the VfM of SRH services with respect to SRH needs and outcomes of Māori,
  • Pacifika and Young people
  • Provide advice to the Ministry about whether services are delivered in the most efficient and effective way.

Summary of key conclusions and options for improvement

Overall, the sector:

  • Is undertaking good work in a challenging environment. People are committed and energised with areas of real innovation and collaboration
  • Meets the needs of many, although not all, service users
  • Has an environment where collaboration is driven by individuals rather than a strategy
  • Would benefit significantly from clearer direction and leadership at the Ministry level
  • Would also benefit from better data and information, not only about STIs and unintended pregnancies, but also on service usage and outcomes
  • Has funding arrangements that are complex with a fragmented delivery landscape that may benefit from being simplified.
  • Is at an early stage in its VfM journey. Currently there is a lack of robust comparable data, to provide a quantitative assessment of VfM

For more information: pdf Value for Money review of Sexual and Reproductive Services (1.31 MB)