NZSHS Syphilis in Pregnancy Guideline (September 2020)

DISCLAIMER: The Syphilis in Pregnancy guideline above provides evidence based and consensus recommendations for health professionals on the management of syphilis in pregnancy. The information was current at the time of publication but is subject to change. Please read this guideline in conjunction with any subsequent statements which will be published on this website.


Aotearoa New Zealand STI Guidelines for Primary Care

The Aotearoa New Zealand STI Guidelines for use in primary care settings were revised in 2021 and are now available at the above website. These have been developed collaboratively by clinical experts and professional associations to guide clinical care. Every effort has been taken to ensure that the information in these resources is correct at the time of publishing.



DISCLAIMER: The information in the flowchart and other documents below was current at the time of publication. Please read this in conjunction with partner notification and current testing and treatment guidance for gonorrhoea on